CSWIP 3.3U - ROV Inspector

Is it for me?

Manned submersible or ROV pilots/observers. NDT inspection divers, surface NDT practitioners or those with an engineering/science qualification.

Also available: The CSWIP 3.3U online course
Delivered in two parts, covering theoretical and practical elements, leaving you to only attend a TES Training Centre for the CSWIP examination.

What will I learn?
Quality assurance; closed circuit television; calibration of equipment; cathodic protection systems; interpretation and recording methods.

What will I leave with?

By the end of the course, you should:

  • Be able to explain theoretical principles relating to remotely applied subsea inspection methods 
  • Have a basic understanding of quality assurance methods 
  • Be competent to co-ordinate data retrieved from ROVs 
  • Gain eligibility to sit the CSWIP 3.3U examination



What else should I know?

        8 day course and 1 day exam (date to be arranged when booking and subject to availability). Fee includes exam.The course only (8 days) is also available - please contact Customer Services for further information.
        To access this course you need to meet one of the following criteria:

        • Be a manned submersible pilot or observer, having completed a minimum of 15 operational dives OR
        • Be a ROV pilot or observer having completed a minimum of 100 logged hours of underwater inspection work experience as pilot or observer OR
        • Have a qualification in a relevant engineering or science subject which should not be less than an HNC level or equivalent and a minimum of 12 months subsea engineering related work, including a minimum of 60 days spent at an offshore site OR
        • Be a current or previously approved CSWIP 3.1U or 3.2U Diver Inspector who has held such certification for a minimum of three years, with a minimum of 100 logged hours of underwater inspection work OR
        • Be a surface practitioner certified under CSWIP, PCN in ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle or penetrant testing or equivalent approval accepted by the CSWIP In-Service Inspection Management Committee, who has a minimum of three years documented experience in the application of NDT methods related to offshore facilities and to have spent a minimum of 30 days at an offshore work site gaining familiarity with underwater techniques.