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About us

TES Canada

TES CANADA established in Alberta - Calgary, in January 2021, as TWI Associated Training Representative. TES CANADA continues the operation of TWI Canada, which was active from 2013 until Dec. 31st, 2020. TWI is the world’s largest Training organization in Welding, Welding Inspection, Plant Inspection, Advance NDT and Painting Inspection. The trainings are supported by internationally recognized certification including CSWIP, BGAS-CSWIP, IIW/EWF, PCN and SNT-TC-1A and are designed to service all major industry sectors including oil and gas, aerospace, construction, power and automotive. TES CANADA offers a wide range of services, comprising Training and Examination, Consultancy and Engineering Solution, Manufacturing Support, Welding Engineering and Inspection Services. TES CANADA offers its services at its head office in Calgary - Alberta, where the company is based, and as well as in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia. TES CANADA offers its services in Americas by its subordinate partners in Brazil and USA , which are providing the services under full direction and management of TES CANADA. TES CANADA planned to penetrate to the market of other countries of Americas (Argentina and Mexico) in near future. TES CANADA, ensures that TES CANADA professional obligations / commitments be observed by delivery of expertise, creative and optimal solutions and services to clients within Americas.


To ensure individuals and industries to receive best innovative and impartial expert solutions and services through training and engineering within material and joining technologies.


To be the premium solution advisor and training and engineering service provider for individuals and companies in Canada and America’s countries.

IMS Policy

  • Provide professional and optimal services, beside creativity and innovation, with full commitment to independence, confidentiality, integrity and impartiality,
  • Commitment to professional and social ethics in all fields of activity through the use of training related principles and recruitment of competent personnel,
  • Improve the quality and efficiency of services with increasing technical knowledge and skills of human resources and implementing knowledge management,
  • Identify and comply with all standards, rules and legislations applicable to Company’s business scope,
  • Enhance customers and stakeholders’ satisfaction with understanding their needs and expectations and also involving their direct feedback,
  • Control and reduce the risks and potential harmful elements of health and safety, and reducing environmental aspects as minimum as possible,
  • Develop toward sustainable improvement,
  • Improve the Integrated Management System continuously.

TES Canada Certifications

NDT data analysis using Artificial Intelligence (AI).