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Training with TES Canada leads to internationally recognized qualifications which deliver real benefits to industry through the acquisition of new competences. If you are an individual, training with us can improve your skills therefore career progression and the certification provides verification of your competence to a recognized standard.

TES's portfolio of courses and certification schemes is regularly updated as the world valuable in its field, so you can be sure that your training is internationally recognized by certification award bodies including CSWIP, BGAS-CSWIP, PCN, EWF/IIW and ASNT.

Primarily aimed at pipeline personnel and complements the well-known CSWIP inspection qualifications.

Globally recognised, role-specific competence for those engaged in welding and/or inspection jobs.

Procedure-driven certification compliant to EN ISO 9712 can be tailored to specific NDT application(s).

Global scheme for the certification competence of NDT personnel, accredited to ISO/IEC 17024 and ISO 9712.

TWI provides employer-specific certification from ASNT in accordance with

We also deliver specific courses leading to the American Welding Society (AWS) qualifications.