Fitness For Service (FFS) Assessment Based On API 579-1-ASME FFS-1 2016 Online Live Zoom Course

Is This Course for Me?

If you are a plant engineer, non-destructive testing engineer, materials and corrosion engineer, or plant inspector responsible for managing the integrity of ageing process equipment, pipelines, boilers, and storage tanks, then this course is designed for you.

This course covers Level 1 (for plant inspectors) and Level 2 (for engineers FFS assessments) according to the 2016 edition of API 579/ASME FFS.

It is recommended that you have knowledge of the design, fabrication, operation, or maintenance of process equipment and piping. Some familiarity with common pressure equipment design codes/standards such as ASME, BSI, API, NACE, etc., is also beneficial.

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What Will You Learn?

The course is developed around the new API/ASME combined standard (API 579 Third Edition), which includes expanded coverage of material damage mechanisms beyond those typically found in the refining industry.

Throughout the course, you will gain knowledge in the following areas:

  • Fitness for Service (FFS) fundamentals and the API 579 Annexes
  • Material properties and their significance in FFS assessments
  • Stress analysis techniques for FFS evaluations
  • Non-destructive testing methods and flaw sizing for FFS
  • Identification of various damage mechanisms for FFS, including brittle fracture, general metal loss, localized metal loss, pitting, laminations, weld misalignment, shell distortion, crack-like flaws, creep, fire damage, hydrogen blisters, hydrogen damage associated with HIC and SOHIC, dents and gouges, and remaining life assessment and extension examples.
  • Repair and remediation options for damaged equipment
  • The status of API 579 and future developments
  • Interaction with other assessment procedures (e.g., FITNET, BS 7910, R5 and R6) and related API documents (API 510, API 570, and API Std 653)

What Will You Take Away?

By the end of the course, you will be equipped with the following skills:

  • Confidence in applying the latest FFS technologies to make decisions regarding repair, replacement, re-rating, and re-design
  • Understanding of the information requirements for performing FFS assessments for various damage mechanisms
  • Ability to implement FFS on process equipment, pipelines, boilers, and storage tanks

Additional Information:

If you book the course and examination package, you will need to submit a CV for eligibility assessment before taking the examination. Please note that the course fee does not include a copy of the associated American Petroleum Institute document. However, comprehensive course notes will be provided to all attendees.