CSA Z662

CSA Z662

" Class Based Course "

This training/workshop is for those who wish to learn or refresh their knowledge in welding inspection and interpretation of related sections in CSA Z662 the Canadian Oil and gas pipeline systems standard.

In this workshop we will:
Review weld defects detail, causes and how to prevent them
Interpret weld defects in Macro photos
Interpret weld defects radiographs Practice inspecting pipe welded samples using welding gauge, prepare report and evaluate inspection reports based on CSA Z662-19 acceptance criteria.

Upcoming customized trainings/workshops (in class and live/remote):
Jun 8-9, Welding inspection training, customized based on Canadian Oil and gas pipeline systems standard, CSA Z662-19.

For any enquiry for workshops or welding engineering/inspection services please contact info@tescan.ca

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