Plastics Welding Courses

Introducing our Plastics Welding Courses:

At our plastics department, we offer two main routes for training in various plastics welding processes:

  • - Electrofusion and Butt Fusion Welding:
    Learn the art of electrofusion and butt fusion welding techniques specifically for distribution pipelines used in gas, drinking water, and waste water systems.

  • - Other Plastics Welding Processes:
    Expand your skills in hot air and extrusion welding, which are widely used in a range of applications beyond distribution pipelines.
Gas and Water Distribution, and Sewerage Systems

We provide three standard packages for these courses:

  • - PE Welding Course: Focuses on gas distribution.
  • - PE Welding Course: Focuses on drinking water distribution.
  • - PE Welding Course: Specifically for sewerage systems.

Each course concludes with a welder inspection, where accredited laboratories examine the welded test pieces by ISO 17024 standards.

Personalized Training for Various Plastics Welding Processes:
If you require specialized training in electrofusion, butt fusion welding, hot air welding, or extrusion welding, our plastics department is equipped to meet your needs. We ensure comprehensive proficiency in every process and can issue certificates upon request.

Our courses cover polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and polyamide (PA) welding techniques, allowing you to become skilled in the materials commonly used in different sectors such as petrochemical, earthworks, and water management system constructions, among others.